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New Breast Cancer Resource for Washington State: youneedtoknow.info

I’m excited to share a new online breast cancer resource available to women in Washington State: youneedtoknow.info! Last year, after a frustrating experience searching for breast cancer resources that ended in way too many irrelevant results, I imagined how it would feel if I had been recently diagnosed and in need of support. Several conversations […]

October 13 is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Metastatis noun mə-ˈtas-tə-səs 1. a : change of position, state, or form b : the spread of a disease-producing agency (as cancer cells) from the initial or primary site of disease to another part of the body; also : the process by which such spreading occurs 2. a secondary malignant tumor resulting from metastasis October […]

Goodbye to my dear, dear friend CJ Taylor

CJ Taylor lost her long, hard battle with ovarian cancer today. She was my friend and my mentor for more than a decade. She made me feel I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it. And I would do just about anything for her. CJ would see a need in our community […]

Thank You, Betty Ford, for Changing How We View Breast Cancer

 “I thought there are women all over the country like me. And if I don’t make this public, then their lives will be gone or in jeopardy.” – Betty Ford in a CBS 60 Minutes interview, 1975 I was only 8 when I learned that First Lady Betty Ford had been diagnosed with breast cancer. […]

What Makes a Cause Worthy?

I received some interesting feedback after a recent presentation, an anonymous comment that read, “Enough about breast cancer – everyone knows about breast cancer. Why not focus on something different?” The comment made me think about how we determine the worthiness of a cause, and how it can vary so greatly from one person to […]

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