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Happy Birthday to Me! Looking Forward to 2013

My birthday was this past weekend. Most years I revel in my birthday, looking forward to connecting with family and friends (thank you Facebook!). But this year found me a bit more contemplative, reflecting on the past 12 months and considering the possibility of the coming year. Some highs: I trained for and ran a […]

2012 Seattle Marathon is in the Bag. What’s Next?

I’m a little late in my recap, but… I did it! And it was fun! The 2012 Seattle Marathon was drenched in fog, but the rain stayed away and temperature remained above freezing. My friend Mary reminded me to be loose, light and stick to my plan. That became my mantra, and whenever I thought […]

NYC Marathon Becomes a Lesson in Leadership and Flexibility

You’ve probably heard the New York City marathon was canceled yesterday, about 36 hours before runners were to board buses to the start line on Staten Island. The decision was the culmination of four days of controversy and called into question the civic and moral responsibilities and leadership of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New […]

NYC Marathon, Hurricane Sandy & A Shift in Fundraising

A lot of people have asked me if I’m still running the New York City marathon in light of the Hurricane Sandy devastation. Yes, I’m headed to New York and I plan on running. As I write this, my Thursday morning flight to Newark is still on schedule. Current reports indicate the marathon will occur, […]

My Favorite Running Fuel, Hydration & Gear

A big part of marathon training is figuring out what you’ll need on race day. The first real test of my approach to gear, fuel and hydration was the Labor Day Half, which ran on a new course and had some logistical kinks to work out. Since then, I’ve had two months to fine tune […]

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