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One 3-Day Leads to Another…

September 29th, 2013

Lisa Dawson

3-Day walker

Last weekend I volunteered at the Seattle 3-Day walk as a member the Route Safety crew (here’s a terrific event summary).

2013 Seattle 3-Day Route Safety

Route Safety is responsible for, well, keeping the walkers safe on the route. The crew is made up of two dozen bicyclists and motorcyclists who head out with the first walker each morning, and stay on the route until the last walkers make their way into camp at the end of the day. It makes for a long day (I’m not even going to mention the HILLS) but it’s a lot of fun and you couldn’t ask for a better group to work with.


This was my third time volunteering (I’ve walked twice) and once again I was completely affected by the love, grace, friendship and courage of everyone I encountered:

  • I talked to a young mother whose cancer has spread to her brain, and watched as her friends – The Faithful Fighters – pushed her wheelchair 60 miles to make sure she could finish her 3-Day
  • I met a woman with late-stage, metastatic cancer who flew from Arizona to Seattle to walk with her sister and spend precious time with her family
  • I saw my friend Tracy, in between chemo treatments and surrounded by the formidable Team Tracy, celebrate raising more than $100k to fight this disease

I should have seen it coming.

The 3-Day is a life-changing experience no matter how many times you participate. I think I had forgotten how much I love this event, how it sneaks into your system and compels you to do something to fight this awful disease. I decided I needed to walk.

I registered for the San Diego 3-Day in November.

I’ll need some help: I’m going to be walking every weekend for the next six weeks and would love some company. And I will need to meet the $2300 fundraising minimum, so anything you can do to help there will be greatly appreciated. This will be my third time walking – I’ve done this before and I know, with your help, I can do it again!

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Seattle 3-Day

p.s. 15 people graciously agreed to share their tattoos on the blog – photos coming soon!

Pink Ink: Boxing Gloves & A Ribbon

July 29th, 2012

Lisa Dawson

Pink boxing gloves and pink ribbon

Samantha and I met at a rest area on the first day of the 2011 Seattle 3-Day walk. As we chatted over pretzels and purple gatorade, I noticed her tattoo: pink boxing gloves hanging from a pink ribbon.

Sam’s got a great sense of humor, but she’s serious when it comes to raising money to fight breast cancer. She showed me a photo of her and her friend Les, who had recently finished treatment for breast cancer. I was touched and inspired by her spirit.

Pink boxing gloves and pink ribbon

This year will mark Sam’s fifth time walking the 3-Day. Please consider supporting her fundraising efforts.



Pink Ink at the San Diego 3-Day

February 19th, 2012

Lisa Dawson

pink ribbon angel tattoo

The 3-Day walk is great for spotting pink ink, and participants are always willing to sharing the story behind their tattoos. San Diego 2010 was wet, very wet, but there were some sunny periods where the rain gear came off and the shorts and tank tops provided a peek at some lovely pink ribbon tattoos.

I know I’m a little late… I was sorting through some photos and realized I never uploaded them. Let me know if you spot yours!

pink ribbon angel tattoo

In memory of her mom


Classic pink ribbon


Tattoo shop fundraiser!


Running ribbon with a flower for each friend.


Classic pink ribbon for mom.


Pink sneakers. Pink ribbon.

pink ribbon believe arm

She got this at a tattoo shop fundraiser

pink ribbon angel tattoopink ribbon believe arm


Pink Ink at the 3-Day

October 2nd, 2010

Lisa Dawson

I was on the lookout for pink ribbon tattoos while at the Seattle 3-Day and wasn’t disappointed – 14 that I hadn’t seen before, two that had been updated, and one of my favorites from last year.  A warm thank  you to everyone who shared their stories and let me take their picture.

Pink ribbon and rose

This four-time walker partnered with an artist at Maple Valley Tattoo to create some beautiful designs

Pink ribbon butterfly

Spotted this one peeking out of her sock!

Tattoo for her mother

In memory of her mother, Susan.

Pink ribbon with shamrocks

One shamrock is in memory of her mom, the other for her grandmother

Running pink ribbon

Pink ribbon runner.

Pink ribbon inside a symbol

I'd love to know the meaning of the symbol.

Mother & Daughter pink ribbons w/flowers

I ran into this mother/daughter pair on day 2 of the Seattle 3-Day. Something looked familiar about their tattoos... because I took their pictures last year. The're adding a flower for each year they walk!

Pink ribbon with flowers

Mom's tattoo, with a flower added since we met last year

pink ribbon with flowers

Daughter's tattoo, with a flower added since we met last year

pink ribbon harley tattoo

Rode his Harley up from San Diego to join the Route Safety crew. His tattoo is in memory of his wife.

Boob Warriors team

5 members of the Boob Warriors team got tattoos after last year's walk.

Boob Warriors tattoos

The Boob Warriors: A close-up.

simple pink ribbon

The pink ribbon says it all

pink and blue ribbon

Her tattoo is for breast AND ovarian cancer

pink ribbon with musical notes

With musical flair!

pink ribbon with flair

With flair!

Fish with pink ribbon on its tail

He's adding a tick mark for each 3-Day walk

pink ribbon inside lotus

Love the incorporation of the pink ribbon into the lotus

Believe and Hope pink ribbon tattoos

She's got one on each ankle

pink koi forming a ribbon

3-Day veteran and super nice guy.

Pink ribbon and rosePink ribbon butterflyTattoo for her motherPink ribbon with shamrocksRunning pink ribbonPink ribbon inside a symbolMother & Daughter pink ribbons w/flowersPink ribbon with flowerspink ribbon with flowerspink ribbon harley tattooBoob Warriors teamBoob Warriors tattoossimple pink ribbonpink and blue ribbonpink ribbon with musical notespink ribbon with flairFish with pink ribbon on its tailpink ribbon inside lotusBelieve and Hope pink ribbon tattoospink koi forming a ribbon

If you see your tattoo here, please consider tagging yourself in the My Pink Ink photo albums on Facebook.

Seattle 3-Day: Route Safety rules!

September 29th, 2010

Lisa Dawson

If you read my previous entry, you’ll know I had an interesting 3-Day experience last year, and that I decided I would join the crew instead of walking this year. I was so thrilled when I found out I got my first choice, Route Safety!

The Route Safety Crew


2010 Seattle 3-Day Route Safety crew


Route Safety is responsible for just that: Making sure the walkers stay safe. We’re the first on the route and the last to leave. We man the intersections to make sure cars see the walkers (you’d be amazed, even with all that pink), cheer for the walkers as they head out, and keep cheering until the very last person makes it back to camp.

This year the crew had 18 motorcycles and 6 bicycles – about of third were newbies, and the rest had been doing this for some time. As a bicyclist, I had three main responsibilities: Relieve the motorcyclists at the intersections (some intersections needed a safety person for several hours); take care of the walkers on the miles of trail where there was no motorized vehicle access; and provide humor/distraction/motivation for the walkers along the route.




I don’t think you could find a more compassionate, fun and zany group than this team. A couple of people went to great lengths to be a part of the crew, including Michael, who rode his Harley up from San Diego for the event. Michael lost his wife to breast cancer several years ago, and participates in at least four 3-Day events each year, crewing in three cities and walking in one. Michael’s got great taste in walking music, and can strut around in furry hot pink leg warmers like nobody’s business. He’s also got a beautiful pink ribbon tattoo.

Fashion v. Function


Highly visible me!


Generally speaking, 3-Day walkers and crew have a lot of fun dressing up for the event. And I do love to dress up! I decided my 3-Day alter-ego would be modeled after the Rat City Rollergirls, and got to work putting together a wardrobe. My son helped me pick out a wig (we got the one he said was most “me” – not sure what to make of that) and I picked up some hot pink tights and a black lace skirt to wear with my cycling shorts. I packed some black lace-up boots to wear, which ended up being remarkably comfortable. Add a hot pink safety vest ordered online and I was good to go! My trusty Novara Buzz with its disc brakes and panniers (to hold rain gear) was perfect for the cloudy/sunny/rainy weather, the only downside being a lack of a granny gear. 

The Walkers


Tracy & Me


I made sure I stayed at an intersection long enough to see the all of the walkers, from the first to the last, at least once each day. I met some great people (yes, I still remember your names Angie Stacy Heidi Margaret Marissa Cliff and Joan) and had fun seeing familiar faces as the event progressed. I witnessed people overcoming physical challenges – two teams had members take turns pushing a teammate in a wheelchair – and got caught up in the emotional intensity of the event. I saw walkers laughing and crying, celebrating and remembering.

I wrote about Team Tracy a couple of weeks ago, and they were there in full force. I ran into Tracy every day and was so impressed by the positive energy she shared with everyone around her, even as her physical energy levels dropped. Tracy was a flag bearer at both the opening and closing ceremonies. I can’t think of a better person to represent young survivors.

Riding the Route


My trusty steed


I love riding my bike! Not only did I get to ride my bike every day, but I got to meet and hang out with people who were committed to supporting a great cause. Several walkers commented on how hard they thought my job was… I’ve walked 20 miles on back-to-back days before, and trust me, it’s much easier to be on a bike. Sore tush and all. The days were long (10-12 hours on the bike) but I was so energized by the walkers that I didn’t notice, at least not until the day was over. I had a mantra to chant when I felt like a hill was getting the best of me: If they can walk 60 miles, I can make it up a stinkin’ hill.

Next Up: San Diego!

I was completely caught off guard by the emotional impact day 3 had on me, how much I wished I could have completed it last year. I thought I was done with the crazy notion of walking 60 miles, but this experience, these courageous walkers, have inspired me to give it another try. So, I’ll be walking in the San Diego 3-Day at the end of November with the lovely ladies of the For Claudia team. Wish me luck!

Joining the Seattle 3-Day Crew

September 28th, 2010

Lisa Dawson

Pink Koi

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
– Ursula K. Le Guin

There are so many things I want to share about my recent Seattle 3-Day crew experience! Not quite sure where to begin, so I’ll start with how I came to be on the Route Safety crew.

Last year I walked the event, or at least tried to. Halfway through the first day my shin began to hurt, and I thought I might have the beginning of shin splints. Someone from the medical team taped my leg at the lunch stop and I was able to finish the day’s 23 mile route. That night I iced my shin and slept with my foot elevated, and although my leg was a little swollen I felt good enough to continue walking in the morning.

After the first few miles it was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to be able to keep the same pace as the first day, so I told my teammate to go on ahead and I would just take my time. I iced my shin at each pit stop and tried to ignore the swelling that seemed to be spreading to my ankle. I met a couple of great women who were also taking their time,  and we completed that day’s 21 mile walk together. Read more

Team Tracy & the Seattle 3-Day walk

August 17th, 2010

Lisa Dawson

I’m often amazed at how connected our lives are, both by people and by passions.

I take a glassblowing class Sunday evenings, and usually meet my one of my classmates at the West 5 restaurant so we can carpool. This week I decided to head over early to get dinner before class.  After noticing my friend’s “feel your boobies” shirt, I remembered an earlier West Seattle Blog post mentioning a 3-Day fundraiser at West 5 for Team Tracy. She then introduced me to the captain of the team, Tracy!

Tracy was winding down after a succcessful day of fundraising ($1000!), and she and I chatted while I ate. Tracy was 33 when she received her first breast cancer diagnosis, and recently wrapped up treatment on her second bout. She started walking in the 3-Day years before she became a breast cancer survivor, and is walking with 19 of her friends in the Seattle event at the end of September. We had a great conversation about the 3-Day, breast cancer, Komen and non-profit organizations in general. Here’s a woman who has fought breast cancer not once, but twice, and she’s got so much passion for lessening the impact the disease has on others. Rock star!

I decided to join the 3-Day route safety crew this year instead of walking, and as a crew member I’m not required to raise donations. But… I’d like to put a call out to those who have supported me in the past: Please consider donating to a Team Tracy member who hasn’t yet met the $2300 minimum. It’s hard to raise that much money, and any amount will be greatly appreciated!

You can follow Tracy and her team’s progress on the Team Tracy blog and on Twitter @TeamTracyWalks.