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Posts tagged ‘breast cancer research foundation’

Pink Watch 3: Water, juice, and grown-up lemonade

November 3rd, 2010

Lisa Dawson

Mike's Hard Lemonade

My third Pink Watch post plunges into the world of beverages. Everyone knows water is essential to good health, but I’ve also included juice, iced tea, and an alcoholic beverage. The debate around alcohol and breast cancer could take up a whole series of posts on its own, and I’m just not going there right now (maybe later). I decided to include Mike’s because I was interested in what a relatively small, local company is doing to raise awareness for a disease that cost them a dear colleague. Read more

Pink Watch: Unusual pink ribbon products

October 6th, 2010

Lisa Dawson

Car Freshner

October: Halloween. Football. And pink ribbon merchandise.

Ever wonder how much of the revenue from those pink ribbon branded products in the stores actually makes it to breast cancer programs? I do. About a week ago, I started snapping pictures and reading the packaging of products I run across to see if I could tell how much money is being donated to which organizations. As you can imagine, I’ve collected quite a few pictures.

The first in my “pink watch” series of posts features some products you wouldn’t typically associate with breast cancer. Please let me know if you see any unusual pink products out there… I’d love to add them to my list! Read more