Celebrating CJ Taylor

Another Sunday, Another Training Run

Distance running is hard.

I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those runners who gets into a “zone” a couple miles into a long run, finishing with the feeling they’ve got more miles left in them. Nope, I’m acutely aware of every single hill, every single mile. With 11 weeks until the New York City Marathon, the training runs are getting longer.

On the bright side, I’m getting into a groove with my fuel, hydration and footwear. I’m feeling pretty good about November 4.

Today’s run was filled with gratitude for many things:

  • My supporters – There’s been a few Are you crazy? reactions (I frequently ask this of myself), but mostly it’s been Go Lisa! Their faith in me and support of this cause spurs me on when I feel like I can’t run another step. There’s no way I could do this without them.
  • My running playlistLadykillers by Lush, Bring It On by Seal (don’t judge) and The Spinanes’ Kid in Candy were some of today’s highlights. Creator by Santigold got me the closest to that elusive running zone. I need to find more songs like that one.
  • Endurolytes – I have a hard time stomaching sports drinks while I run, so these electrolyte replacement capsules (taken with plain water) are a godsend.
  • Honey Stingers Gold – These little packets of magic will probably be on every update.

Today’s run also had me thinking a lot about the wonderful friends of CJ Taylor. August 14 was the anniversary of CJ’s death and a group of us met for beer, pizza and lots of CJ memories.

Celebrating CJ Taylor

She was an amazing woman, and she had a way of bringing amazing people together to do good work. I’m especially grateful to have these people in my life.

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