Komen for the Cure: 6 Months After the Planned Parenthood Storm

It’s been six months since the news broke about Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s changes to its grants policy, resulting in a loss of funding eligibility for Planned Parenthood. Three days later, after a public relations maelstrom and outrage from many of its affiliates, the organization reversed its decision. Impacts to individual Komen affiliates […]

Occupy Komen? Unclear Objectives for Gala Protest

Anyone who’s followed the Komen and Planned Parenthood-related SLOG posts knows The Stranger hasn’t been a big fan of the organization, at one point calling for readers to picket the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate‘s gala auction on March 3. So when a link to today’s post “Occupy Seattle to Protest Breast Cancer Fundraiser Tomorrow” appeared […]

Planned Parenthood Urges Komen Support – What Are You Going to Do?

“Women need all of us working together” Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest ran a full-page ad in the Seattle Times today, urging its supporters to support their continued partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I’ve talked to a lot people over the past few days, many of them long-time Komen supporters. We’re grappling […]

Komen Revises it’s Policy, will Continue to Fund Planned Parenthood

Yes! Komen just announced they have decided to revise the policy that resulted in Planned Parenthood’s ineligibility for Komen grants. The Komen website and blog appear to be down, so I’ve copied the text of the statement from CEO Nancy Brinker and the Board of Directors here: We want to apologize to the American public […]

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