Anthony Carbajal Puts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Perspective

I’ve been quietly sitting through the debate on the ice bucket challenge because it reminds me too much of the pink ribbon debate and I’m sort of tired of that.

But this.

This is why awareness of devastating diseases is so important, and this is why I believe something as ridiculous as the ice bucket challenge can be an effective educational tool. Forget about the fundraising side of things, how many people even knew what ALS was two weeks ago?

Thanks to Matt Orr and Upworthy for sharing Anthony Carbajal’s video and for putting together the following links:

  • Anthony Carbajal on Twitter
  • Learn more about ALS here and donate here
  • ALS has already raised over $22 million with this challenge – if you’d like to participate, check out the rules here
  • Someone started a YouCaring page for Anthony – if you want to donate to him, go ahead and click here

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