Patti's horse pink ribbon tattoo

Pink Ink: Her Horse Carried Her Through Recovery

Patti and I met on this year’s Seattle 3-Day Route Safety crew as fellow bicyclists. It was her first year on crew, but her second 3-Day… she walked in Seattle last year, just nine months after her breast cancer diagnosis.

In the months following her diagnosis, Patti learned she carries the BRCA1 gene mutation, had surgery to remove the cancer on January 11, followed by a hysterectomy in February. A key comfort to her during this time was her horse, Monte. When she decided to get a tattoo signifying her experience, it seemed right to incorporate this important element of her life.


Patti had both of her tattoos done by Jake at Snohomish Tattoo & Piercing in Snohomish, Washington and is planning on adding a ribbon for each 3-Day she takes part in. You can tell they were still pretty new when I took the pictures, but I think they’ll heal beautifully.

Patti, it was great to get to know you on the route this year. I look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Seattle 3-Day!

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