Komen Puget Sound Expresses “Extreme Disappointment and Frustration” to National

The Board of Directors and staff of the Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure sent a letter to Komen CEO Nancy Brinker expressing their frustration with the new grant policy, and reiterating a message they evidently sent to the Foundation’s headquarters last month.

Signed by Board President Joni Earl and Executive Director Cheryl Shaw, the letter reads:

Dear Ambassador Brinker and Ms. Thompson:

The Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Board of Directors and Staff express our extreme disappointment and frustration with the new grant policy adopted by Komen National. As we communicated with Komen National last month on behalf of our Board and Staff, we believe that this policy is overly broad and strips the authority from affiliates to determine how to best serve our local communities with the funds entrusted to us by our donors. We were further dismayed at Komen National’s failure to consider feedback from the affiliates before taking this action.

We believe this policy is misguided and respectfully reiterate our request that the policy be rescinded or revised to permit greater flexibility to the affiliates to evaluate grant applicants and, together with Komen National, determine whether an applicant should be ineligible for funding.

We must consider the implications of this policy on women worldwide.

To the Affiliate staff and Board, I say: Thank you for taking a stand against a national decision that hurts the community you serve.

View the full Puget Sound Affiliate response letter to Komen national

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