Team Tracy & the Seattle 3-Day walk

I’m often amazed at how connected our lives are, both by people and by passions.

I take a glassblowing class Sunday evenings, and usually meet my one of my classmates at the West 5 restaurant so we can carpool. This week I decided to head over early to get dinner before class.  After noticing my friend’s “feel your boobies” shirt, I remembered an earlier West Seattle Blog post mentioning a 3-Day fundraiser at West 5 for Team Tracy. She then introduced me to the captain of the team, Tracy!

Tracy was winding down after a succcessful day of fundraising ($1000!), and she and I chatted while I ate. Tracy was 33 when she received her first breast cancer diagnosis, and recently wrapped up treatment on her second bout. She started walking in the 3-Day years before she became a breast cancer survivor, and is walking with 19 of her friends in the Seattle event at the end of September. We had a great conversation about the 3-Day, breast cancer, Komen and non-profit organizations in general. Here’s a woman who has fought breast cancer not once, but twice, and she’s got so much passion for lessening the impact the disease has on others. Rock star!

I decided to join the 3-Day route safety crew this year instead of walking, and as a crew member I’m not required to raise donations. But… I’d like to put a call out to those who have supported me in the past: Please consider donating to a Team Tracy member who hasn’t yet met the $2300 minimum. It’s hard to raise that much money, and any amount will be greatly appreciated!

You can follow Tracy and her team’s progress on the Team Tracy blog and on Twitter @TeamTracyWalks.

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