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2018 3-Day Love Shirts

I’m so pleased with how my 3-Day love shirts have turned out!

I wanted to create a visual identity for my seven city experience to keep me motivated and help with fundraising. Imagining a heart-shaped word cloud (I <3 hearts), I started with words that come to mind when I think of the 3-Day. I then turned to the passionate members of the San Diego 3-Day (unofficial) Facebook group for some additional suggestions.

The results are in this design:

Using Bonfire (see below), I was able to upload my image file and select a variety of shirt styles and colors to go with the design. Through their platform I’m able to sell these shirts with no out-of-pocket expenses, so 100% of the proceeds goes to my 3-Day fundraising account. I’ve raised $315 as of May 31!

Here are some shirts from the last order so you can see what they look like printed. I am in LOVE with the baseball jerseys!

Support my walks buy purchasing a 3-Day love shirt!

About Bonfire: Bonfire is a custom apparel platform that allows you to sell a wide variety of shirt colors, sizes, and styles. With a very low minimum order, you can set your own prices and don’t have to worry about pre-orders or inventory. There were some hiccups in the color translation for my first order, but the customer service rep I worked with was super helpful in getting it sorted out for my second order. I highly recommend them for team or school spirit wear fundraising.

Not interested in a shirt but want to support my 7 city 3-Day efforts? Make a donation now!

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