Ribbon tattoo for breast cancer & autism

A Tattoo for Breast Cancer & Autism Awareness

Magali Reyes was one of the first participants in the Dzul Ink Lounge’s “Get Ink for the Cure” fundraising event I wrote about last month.

Ribbon tattoo for breast cancer & autism

I really like the puzzle-inside-a-ribbon design, and learned Magali wants to increase both breast cancer and autism awareness:

“I got the breast cancer half for my aunt who has been currently battling breast cancer as well as for the women I have known who didn’t get the chance to win their fight; one example is my friend’s mom who passed away when she was a little girl.

“My other half, that’s my Autism Awareness… meant for myself and my sister since we both have it, as well for some of my family members who have more severe cases of autism.”

Magali told me she had always wanted to get a tattoo from Dzul, and when she saw the fundraiser on Facebook she thought it was a perfect opportunity to get the ribbon and benefit breast cancer programs at the same time. This is her 18th tattoo – she’s slowly building up a sleeve on her arm and there was a perfect spot for the ribbon.

Thank you, Magali, for sharing your story! I love your tattoo.

Dzul Ink Lounge in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood is donating 25% of the proceeds from cancer tribute tattoos to the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate. “Get Ink for the Cure” runs through the end of February, and includes any tattoo that commemorates a fight against cancer or remembers a loved one.

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