Aubrey's Pink Ribbon of Hope

Pink Ink: Aubrey’s Ribbon of Hope For An End to Breast Cancer

I first spotted Aubrey at the 2011 Seattle 3-Day, when she was part of The Pink Penguins team, and met her again this year, now as part of Team Tracy. This year marks the fourth time she’s walked the 3-Day in Seattle – she’s also walked in Tampa and is headed to San Diego for her sixth walk in November.

Aubrey merged her team with Tracy’s team this year when Tracy was diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. She explains, “we wanted to show a sign of solidarity, love, and sisterhood. I realized that our team name isn’t what’s important. In the end, we’re all on the same team, fighting the same disease, praying for the same outcome.”

Aubrey's Pink Ribbon of Hope

Aubrey’s mom was diagnosed in 2010, exactly one month to the day before her first 3-Day. A year later, she visited Germans Tattoos in Lakewood, Washington to get her tattoo.

My tattoo represents the hope I had for my mom to overcome cancer, the hope I have for those who are battling, and the hope for some day a world without breast cancer. – Aubrey

Aubrey’s mom is currently serving in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, and in Aubrey’s words “she’s a fighter on so many immeasurable levels.” She comes home for good in December.

Thanks for sharing your story with me, Aubrey. I look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

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