Cindy Aspha

Pink Ink: Cindy’s Butterfly and Kanji Pink Ribbon Tattoos

I met Cindy the Asphalt Angel at early pit stop on the first day of the 2013 Seattle 3-Day walk. I had spotted another woman with a pink ribbon tattoo, and she was with another woman with a tattoo, and next to them was Cindy! It was kind of cool to run into a cluster like that.

 Cindy Asphalt Angel Pink Ribbon Butterfly Pink Ribbon Tattoo

Cindy Asphalt Angel Kanji Pink Ribbon

Cindy has a tattoo on each of her lower legs – on her right is a richly-colored ribbon butterfly (I love the trail) and the left has Kanji symbolizing “hoping for a cure” over a classic pink ribbon. Her go-to tattoo artist is O.C. at Axis Tattoo & Body Piercing  in Corpus Christi. You read that right… Cindy traveled from Corpus Christi, Texas to do her 13th 3-Day walk in Seattle!

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