Seattle Marathon finisher!

2012 Seattle Marathon is in the Bag. What’s Next?

I’m a little late in my recap, but… I did it! And it was fun!

The 2012 Seattle Marathon was drenched in fog, but the rain stayed away and temperature remained above freezing. My friend Mary reminded me to be loose, light and stick to my plan. That became my mantra, and whenever I thought about mixing it up a little, I reminded myself to run like I trained. I actually felt really good at the end (which is a good thing for someone who’s concerned about their heart) and finished with just one blister and all my toenails intact.

There were about 20 other runners wearing their orange NYC marathon shirts – we exchanged waves and nods in acknowledgement of our shared experience in the Big Apple.

I know I said I’d never do another marathon, so I’ll blame it on post-race euphoria: I registered for December’s Honolulu Marathon. A great excuse for a family vacation, right? I’m also registered for the Hot Chocolate 5K in March and the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in June.

Any suggestions for another half in October?

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