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Happy Birthday to Me! Looking Forward to 2013

My birthday was this past weekend.

Most years I revel in my birthday, looking forward to connecting with family and friends (thank you Facebook!). But this year found me a bit more contemplative, reflecting on the past 12 months and considering the possibility of the coming year.

Some highs: I trained for and ran a marathon! I’m in good health and making progress on getting back to my “fighting” weight. My kids are thriving in a new STEM-focused school. I joined the Board of Cancer Lifeline.

And a low: My employment situation abruptly changed just before the holidays. It’s never fun to be laid off, and there’s never a good time for it to happen. I used the holiday lull to think about the type of work I find most fulfilling and am focusing on opportunities I think would be both professionally and personally rewarding.

And then there was the OMG moment when I realized I have literally reached the midpoint of my life.

My relatives tend to live into their nineties, and at forty(something), I’m more than halfway there. Yikes! A good reminder to chill out and enjoy the next few decades.

On that note, I’ve rekindled my yoga practice and have been loving my sessions at Spira Power Yoga. Intense and grounding at the same time. I’m committed to maintaining the practice even when I go back to work, which is probably when I’ll need it most.

I’ve also put some thought into this blog.

I started it three years ago as a social media practicum, exploring the stories behind breast cancer-related tattoos. Since then it’s evolved to include women’s health issues, information on nonprofit organizations, pink washing, inspirations of mine and, of course, running.

The time I’ve spent editing my husband’s blog, Zinfandel Chronicles (launched in June), has inspired another evolution of My Pink Ink. Expect more detailed tattoo-related posts, some social media stuff, the addition of a “Whimsy” category and maybe even a redesign. We’ll see how it unfolds.

I’d love to hear suggestions for blog posts. Any topics you’d like to see me cover?

Image courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt via Creative Commons.

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