Introducing My Pink Ink

My Pink Ink is a place to share the impacts that breast cancer has had on the lives of so many, and to highlight some of the fantastic (and unique) things people are doing to fight this horrible disease.

The idea came to me last fall, when I was participating in the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. Over the course of the three days, I noticed some beautiful pink ribbon tattoos. I happen to have one of my own, and wondered about the stories behind other people’s pink ink. I love social media, and immediately thought, “How cool would it be to create a place for people to share their tats?” I started taking pictures, created a Facebook group for Pink Ribbon Tattoos, and invited people to upload pictures of their pink ribbon tattoos. 

Some of the stories I’ll blog about come from that group, and some are from friends. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in sharing your story!

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